APCrypt Readme

Known Issues

If an input file has a user password set, the user password is copied over into the new output file even if -userpass <Password> is not supplied on the command line.

-d option must have Owner password

All encrypted documents that you decrypt with -d ownerpass must have an Owner password. You cannot use the -d option without an Owner password. If you have a legacy PDF document that was encrypted without an Owner password, you must create an Owner password for the document before using the -d option to decrypt it.

Form Fields

APCrypt cannot decrypt files with form fields. If you need to apply encryption to a document with form fields, delete them, remove encryption manually beforehand, or flatten them with FDFMerge.


Linearization (-w) should not be used with files that contain articles.

To Get Help

Documentation for APCrypt can be found at /apcrypt/.

Contact technical support by:

emailing support@appligent.com, or calling 610-284-4006

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