APCrypt is a command-line driven server-based application that applies standard Acrobat security features to PDF documents quickly and efficiently. It is designed to run in tandem with other processes in an unattended environment able to handle high-volume and on-demand production needs. A copy of Adobe® Acrobat® is not needed in order for security to be applied.

Encryption Features

Encryption may be applied with 40, 128 or 256-bit security. Different security features are available at the different encryption levels. If a document is already encrypted, and has an Owner password, the document can be re-encrypted with different security options, or encryption can be removed completely.

At any encryption level, a password may be assigned. There are two types of passwords:

  • User password: used to open a document
  • Owner password: used to change permissions and passwords

When applying any security features, you must set an Owner password so that the settings can not be changed by other users.

At the 40-bit encryption level, the following security features are available:

  • Do not allow printing
  • Do not allow modifying the document
  • Do not allow selecting text and graphics
  • Do not allow adding or changing notes and form fields

At the 128-bit or 256-bit encryption level, these are the additional security features available:

  • Do not allow fill-in or signing of form fields
  • Do not allow accessibility
  • Do not allow document assembly
  • Do not allow high-resolution printing

As a server-based command-line driven application, APCrypt can be easily integrated into your scripts to add security to already processed documents.

In this Guide

The remainder of this guide is comprised of the following chapters:

  • General Options provides step-by-step instructions for installing the APCrypt software.
  • Applying Standard Security describes how to apply standard Adobe Acrobat security to the output file.
  • Running APCrypt shows how to use APCrypt to apply encryption to PDF files.
  • Options Reference summarizes the APCrypt command-line options and tells you where to look in this manual for more information about each option.
  • APCrypt Unattended shows how to write scripts to harness the power of APCrypt.
  • Command Line Introduction provides a brief introduction to using command-line software on Windows and Mac OS X operating systems.
  • Troubleshooting contains tips and hints on solving some common problems.
  • Support tells you how to contact us in case you have any problems working with our software.