# apcrypt - [options] [-o outFilePath] inPDFFile
Usage: apcrypt [options]

-keypath <string> : Path to key location -rc4 : Encrypt using the RC4 encryption algorithm -aes : Encrypt using the AES encryption algorithm -keylength <int> : Key Length. Valid options are 40, 128 & 256. Default is 128. -ownerpass <string> : New Owner Password (Required) -userpass <string> : New User Password
-onlyattach : Encrypt attachments only; uses AES encryption algorithm.
-noprint : Do Not Allow Printing -nomodify : Do Not Allow Modifying the Document -nocopy : Do Not Allow Copying text or graphics -nonotes : Do Not Allow Adding or changing notes or form fields -nofill : Do Not Allow Fill or Sign of Form Fields -noaccess : Do Not Allow Accessibility -noassembly : Do Not Allow Document Assembly -nohighres : Do Not Allow High Resolution Printing -remove : Remove all encryption from the PDF document. (requires -d OwnerPassword)
-d <string> : Old Owner Password to Decrypt the file
-optimize : Combine -flate, -rascii, -nolzw, -optxobj, -optcontent and -optfonts
-nocomp : Do not compress using Object Streams; compatible with all versions of Acrobat -comp : Compress using Object Streams; Acrobat 6 and later -iso32000 : Set file for ISO 32000 compliance (PDF 1.7)
-w : Linearize saved file -nomod : Retain current file modification date -o <string> : New output file name, for multiple inputs, a path to an output directory -l <string> : Write progress to the given log file name -p : Log progress information -v : Print version information -r <string> : Application serial number -h : Show help -help : Show help