APCrypt within a Document Processing and Delivery Solution

Adding security to a document should generally be the last step of processing. Appligent has available several products for processing PDF documents. Any of these, or a combination, could be used before applying security features with APCrypt. The products available are as follows:

  • AppendPDF Pro — Append several PDF documents or pages of documents together to produce one complete document. Add a cover page and a table of contents, as well as text and/or image stamps to any of the pages.
  • FDFMerge — Merge PDF forms together with FDF or XFDF data files to create a completed form. With FDFMerge’s form-flattening feature, form fields are removed making the output document more portable and less easily modified.
  • StampPDF Batch — Add text to PDF documents as headers or footers, watermarks, etc., which can include page numbers, date/time, file names, and more. Stamps can be in any RGB color, Adobe PostScript Type 1 font, point size, and position. They can be overlaid or underlaid text, outline text, invisible text and/or multi-line.

Note: If you would like more information on these and other Appligent products, visit our Appligent web site. Full documentation for each product is available on the web site. Most products have examples and/or demos.

The following is a graphical example of using APCrypt as part of a document processing solution that uses AppendPDF and StampPDF Batch before using APCrypt to add security features. (The work done by AppendPDF and StampPDF Batch could also be done by using the single product AppendPDF Pro.) Once the document is secured, it is ready for delivery.

Using APCrypt after document processing and before delivery

Appending documents using AppendPDF

Personalize and watermark the document using StampPDF Batch

Encrypt the document using APCrypt

Using APCrypt in a Perl Script

Using APCrypt within a Perl script requires a simple system call. Below we show first a call to StampPDF Batch where a document, file1.pdf, is applied with stamps as specified in stampfile.txt. Following that is a call made to APCrypt where standard security features are applied to the file file1.pdf (do not allow printing, allow only form fill-in or signing). Owner and user passwords are set to owner and user, respectively.

system "stamppdf stampfile.txt file1.pdf"; system "apcrypt -ownerpass owner
-userpass user -o outfile.pdf -keylength 40 -noprint -nomodify -nocopy
-nonotes file1.pdf";

If you use Perl to write a script that uses APCrypt, make a call to the application in the format shown above.

Example scripts may be found on the Appligent web site.