AppendPDF and AppendPDF Pro – Quick Reference

Usage: appendpdf [options] paramFile1 [paramFile2 ...]]
Usage: appendpro [options] paramFile1 [paramFile2 ...]]

-b                  : Include bookmarks
-eb                 : Include embedded files
-extra              : Include named destination links and bookmarks, article threads (recommended)

The Following parameters are available in AppendPDF Pro only

-f                  : Number from first page in output document
-u <string>         : Remove old stamps with UndoLabel

-listfonts          : Print list of available fonts in the appligent_home fonts folder
-portfolio <string> : Build Portfolio; options "icons" or "details", also called portable collections

-vars               : List of variables to be substituted in the Cover, TOC, or Extras stamp File 
                      Example variable list - ( "name,value,name,value" )
-vardelimiter       : Delimiter character for variables in the Stamp File ( default is % )

Save Options

-i                  : Save using an incremental save
-w                  : Save as linearized pdf
-optimize           : Optimize the output file to try to reduce file size
-nocomp             : Do not compress using Object Streams; compatible with all versions of Acrobat
-comp               : Compress using Object Streams; Acrobat 6 and later
-iso32000           : Set file for ISO 32000 compliance (PDF 1.7)
-o                  : Path to the output file or directory

Command List File

-cmds               : Path to the file of commands -cmds only compatible with General Options

Encryption Options

-encrypt            : Encrypt output file
-keylength <int>    : Key Length.  Valid options are 40 and 128.  Default is 128.
-ownerpass <string> : New Owner Password (Required)
-userpass <string>  : New User Password
-noprint            : Do Not Allow Printing
-nomodify           : Do Not Allow Modifying the Document
-nocopy             : Do Not Allow Copying text or graphics
-nonotes            : Do Not Allow Adding or changing notes or form fields
-nofill             : Do Not Allow Fill or Sign of Form Fields
-noaccess           : Do Not Allow Accessibility
-noassembly         : Do Not Allow Document Assembly
-nohighres          : Do Not Allow High Resolution Printing

General Options

-v                  : Version information
-help               : Help information
-h                  : Help information
-l                  : Log to a file
-p                  : Show progress information
-n                  : Show no information on the screen
-r <string>         : Product registration code