AppendPDF and AppendPDF Pro – The Output File


The element <outputpdf> specifies the output file for the appended document. The following table lists all the elements and their attributes along with the tree view.

The table below describes the elements specifying <outputpdf>.

Contents of the <outputpdf> Element

Element Level Pro Required Content
<appendparam version=”1.0″> Top Topmost element, contains entire parameter spec
<outputpdf> 2 The name of the new, appended file
<file> 3 Text: Name and path of the new, appended file
+ <sourcepdfs> 2 Input files to be appended
+ <docinfo> 2 Document information

XML Code Sample

To specify an output file, outputfile.pdf, insert the code:

<appendparam version="1.0">
<!-- . Indicates skipped sections -->
<!-- . -->
<!-- . -->

Element for <outputpdf>


Specifies the path and filename of the output, appended PDF file.