AppendPDF and AppendPDF Pro Top Level Element

AppendPDF and AppendPDF Pro Top Level Element


The element <appendparam> specifies that this is an AppendPDF Pro or AppendPDF parameter file. It has one attribute, version, which should be 1.0. The table below describes the attributes of the element <appendparam>.

Content of the <appendparam> Element

Element Level Pro Required Content
<appendparam version=”1.0″> Top Topmost element, contains entire parameter spec
+ <outputpdf> 2 The name of the new, appended file
+ <sourcepdfs> 2 Input files to be appended
+ <toc> 2 Pro Table of contents information
+ <coverpage> 2 Pro Cover page information
+ <docinfo> 2 Document information
+ <extras> 2 Modes for opening and displaying files
2 Pro Specify a body Stampfile

XML Code Sample

<appendparam version="1.0">
     Insert parameter specifications here