About This Manual

This manual packages all of the help topics included with AppendPDF Desktop Edition in one file for your convenience. You can use it to display or print all of the help files at once, and learn about AppendPDF Desktop Edition, even when you are away from your computer.

Welcome to AppendPDF Desktop Edition

AppendPDF Desktop Edition provides a fast and efficient way to combine PDF files to generate customized documents or reports. With AppendPDF DE you can:

  • combine whole documents, and/or page ranges and sections from a series of documents,
  • add customized Document Information to files as well as include bookmarks from original files,
  • generate a Table of Contents, complete with PDF bookmarks, as well as add a customized Cover page, and
  • stamp information onto the finished document—adding watermarks, copyright information, headers or footers to further customize your document delivery.

AppendPDF DE has a very easy User Interface. When launched, a dialog window opens that has sections and fields for you to add the files you want to append together. There are five sections:

  • Input
  • Cover Page
  • Table of Contents
  • Output
  • Parameters

In This Guide

The following sections will describe in detail how to use AppendPDF DE.

  • Specify Input Files Browse for or drag and drop files to be appended.
  • Specify Output File Choose a directory and name for the appended file.
  • Specify Cover Page Specify a PDF file for the cover page, and specify a stamp file, if desired.
  • Specify Table of Contents Specify a PDF file as a template for the table of contents, and design the format of it.
  • Specify Parameters Select the parameters you want, optional features to apply to the output document.
  • Perform the Append Run AppendPDF DE to create the output file to your specifications.
  • Support How to contact us in case you have any problems working with our software.