Specify Output File

This section specifies the output path and file name for the appended document.

Naming the output file

To specify the output file, in the Output pane:

  1. Click Set File.
    > The Set Output File dialog appears.
  2. Browse to the directory where you want the output file to go.
  3. Type a file name in the File name field, or accept the default of output.pdf.
  4. Click Save to set the output file.

Specify output stamp

To add a stamp to the body of the appended document, in the Output pane:

  1. Click Add Stamp.
    > The Select a Stamp file dialog appears.
  2. Browse to the directory which contains the stamp file.
  3. Select the Stamp file.
  4. Click Add. For more information about Stamp files, see the Tips below.

Remove output stamp

To remove the output stamp:

  1. From the Menu bar, select Remove  > Output Stamp. 
    > You are prompted to confirm.
  2. Click Yes to remove the output stamp file.

Specify Output Files Tips

Adding files

  • Full, OS-specfic paths must be used in all cases. AppendPDF DE will automatically use the correctly formatted, full path when you add files. If you use a pre-existing XML parameter file, make sure it specifies full path names. On Windows, you cannot type in the file name.
  • If you are replacing an existing output file, you can drag it onto the File name field in the AppendPDF DE Output pane. You can drag a stamp file onto the stamp field.

 Stamp files

  • A stamp is a piece of text or an image that is placed in your document, as if it is “stamped” onto the page. Text or images added by stamping become a permanent part of the document. A stamp file is a text file you create that specifies how AppendPDF DE applies stamps. For information on creating stamp files, refer to our StampPDF Batch documentation.
  • The stamp file specified in the Output pane only applies to the body of the document (those files specified in the Input pane). It does not apply to the cover page or the Table of Contents.