The Cover Page Block


The optional cover page is a PDF document that is appended at the beginning of the final appended output.  There are two approaches to cover pages:

  1. Supply your own ready-made cover page
  2. Supply a document and specify a stamp file that AppendPDF Pro will use to stamp information onto the page

Cover pages are allowed to be more than one page. Cover pages should not contain any bookmarks. AppendPDF Pro adds its own bookmark for the cover page.

Cover Page

To supply a ready-made PDF document for the cover page named lettersample.pdf, add the following information to your parameter file:

CoverPage (./samples/pdfs/lettersample.pdf)

The name of the document that will be the cover page needs to be entered in parentheses after the keyword CoverPage. The Cover Page block of the parameter file must begin with begin_coverpage and end with end_coverpage.

There must be at least one space between the CoverPage keyword and the name of the cover page filename in parentheses. We recommend that you always use the full path to the PDF document used as the cover page.

Stamped Cover Page

Using a stamp file with your cover page will provide more flexibility in design. See Stamp Files to learn how to create a stamp file that will place custom text, watermarks, or page numbers on your cover page. When your stamp file is ready, include the file with the full path, in your cover page block, along with the name of the document to be used for the cover page:

CoverPage (./samples/pdfs/lettersample.pdf)
StampFile (./samples/stampfiles/letterstamp.txt)

Your cover page will be stamped with information you specified in CoverStamp.txt.