In this chapter…

…you learn what a stamp file is and how to build one.

We will be using the sample stamp file letterstamp.txt in the samples directory as an example throughout this chapter. The default location for AppendPDF Pro on Windows is C:\Appligent\AppendPro\. On other platforms, it will be wherever you installed it.

Important! This chapter applies to AppendPDF Pro only. AppendPDF does not have the capability to stamp files.

What is a Stamp File?

A stamp file is a text file that specifies how AppendPDF Pro will apply stamps to your document.  A stamp file has two main components:

  • an options block placed at the beginning of the stamp file, containing the version of the stamp file, and specifies general stamp properties. Each line in the options block describes properties for the entire PDF document being stamped.
  • one or more stamp items that contain the parameters to describe a particular stamp. Each stamp has its own stamp item and a stamp file can have an unlimited number of stamp items.

Options block overview

The options block specifies properties for the entire file. It consists of the following sections:

  • Label — specifies the version of the stamp file.
  • Positioning — specifies the default stamp margins for the entire PDF file.
  • Acrobat options — specifies how Acrobat handles the document when opened.

Stamp items

Each stamp file can specify many stamps. The parameters for an individual stamp are contained in a stamp item. AppendPDF Pro supports these types of stamps:

  • Text stamps — you specify the text to stamp onto the document.
  • Unicode text stamps — you specify Asian characters to stamp onto the document.
  • Image stamps — you specify an image to stamp onto the document.
  • PDF stamps — PDF files are placed into your document.
  • Barcode stamps using a Code 128 barcode font.

All types of stamps use pagination, positioning and general parameters. Other parameters are unique to each type of stamp. Stamp items begin with the keyword Begin_Message and end with the keyword End_Message. In the following sections we will explain all the stamp item parameters, create stamp items for text stamps and create stamp items for image stamps.


Each stamp item is described by a parameter/value pair. Enter parameters as follows:

Parameter (value)

For example:

Position (Top)

stamps the item on the top of the page.


You can insert comments where you need them to make the file more readable, or you can comment out sections for debugging purposes. Comments start with the hash or number symbol (#) which must be placed at the beginning of a line:

# This is a correct comment

Below is an incorrect comment:

Begin_Message #beginning of the file list