AppendPDF Pro can stamp barcodes using a Type 1 barcode font, or directly using the Barcode Type.  For more information on stamping with Type 1 fonts see Font (optional).

Specify stamping a barcode by setting the Type parameter to Barcode:

Type (Barcode)

AppendPDF Pro only supports Code 128 barcodes, additional codes will be added in future releases.

Barcode parameters


Specifies the barcode type. Use instead of Font and FontFile. AppendPDF Pro currently supports Code 128. Use:

Code (128)

to specify a Code 128 barcode.

AppendPDF Pro uses Code 128 character set B. A simple Code 128 barcode (i.e., one character set) consists of a start character, the coded data, a calculated symbol check character, and an end character. AppendPDF Pro Batch automatically calculates the check character and places the start, check, and stop characters in the appropriate place. You only need to specify the data.


Specifies the size of the barcode in points. 72 points equals one inch, so to meet UCC requirements of a minimum of 0.5 inch, specify 36 points

Default value: 12 points

Scale (optional)

The Scale parameter increases or decreases the size of the barcode when it is stamped onto the PDF document. A scale of 0.5 will make the image half (50%) of its original size, while a scale of 2 (200%) will double it.


The figure below shows a stamp item that stamps a plain barcode at the bottom of the page.

# — Barcode Item — Comment
Begin_Message Begin Stamp Item
Name (BarcodeTest) Named BarcodeTest
Type (Barcode) Barcode stamp
StartPage (1) Start on first page
EndPage (1) Stamp only first page
Position (Bottom) Position barcode on bottom of page
Justification (Center) Center barcode
Underlay (no) Place it over existing text and graphics
Size (36) Size of barcode 36 points (1/2 inch)
Code (128) Create Code 128 barcode
Scale (0.5) Stamp barcode at 50% of its original size
Text (This is a test) Text of barcode “This is a test”
End_Message End Stamp Item

Barcode stamp