Usage: apsplit [options] inPDFFile [inPDFFile2 ...]

-bybookmarks      : Split document by highest level bookmarks
(Do not use in conjunction with -repeat, -startpage, -endpage or -list)
-odd              : Split out Odd pages
-even             : Split out Even pages

-startpage <int>  : The first page in the range to extract
-endpage <int>   : The last page in the range to extract
-repeat <int>     : Repeat the extract of the given pagecount for the specified number of iterations
-list <string>   : File containing a comma separated list of page ranges and output file names

-byfilesize       : Split by maximum file size.  Requires -maxsize, -maxcount
-maxsize <int>   : The maximum file size in kilobytes
-maxcount <int>  : The maximum number of pages in the document when splitting by file size

-keepannots       : Retain the page annotations

-d <string>       : Owner password to open this document
-o <string>       : Output file or directory. Single file output expects single file input and
only works splitting a range of pages.
-w                : Save output as a linearized file
-l <string>       : Write progress to the given log file name
-p                : Write progress information to diagnostics
-v                : Print version information
-r <string>       : APSplit serial number

-h                : Show help
-help             : Show help