Usage: pdfHarmony [options] inPDFFile1 [inPDFFile2 ...]

-verifyonly          : Verify Only, search for corrupt files without creating any new files
-o <string>          : Output directory name or PDF filename

-verifypage          : Verify page drawing
-rewritepage         : Rewrite page contents to cleanup at the page content level
-removerotation      : Remove rotation from all pages
-retaincreator       : Retain original document creator

Document Save, Optimize & Compression Options

-pdfa                : Support PDF/A documents
-flate               : Encode any non-encoded streams using Flate compression
-rascii              : Remove ASCII85 filters from all streams
-nolzw               : Replace LZW encoded streams with Flate encoding

-optxobj             : Merge identical XObjects and Images
-optcontent          : Optimize common sequences in page content
-optfonts            : Merge identical font descriptors and encodings

-optimize            : Combine -flate, -rascii, -nolzw, -optxobj, -optcontent and -optfonts

-nocomp              : Do not compress using Object Streams; compatible with all versions of Acrobat
-comp                : Compress using Object Streams; Acrobat 6 and later
-cstruct             : Compress logical structure

                       Note: -nocomp, -comp and -cstruct are mutually exclusive; these 
                       options can all be off, but only one can be used at a time.

-xreadonly           : Suppresses the generation of padding in the XMP Metadata
-xpadding <int>      : XMP Metadata padding bytes. Default is 2048

-iso32000            : Set file for ISO 32000 compliance (PDF 1.7)

-w                   : Save the output as a linearized file
-wauto               : Auto-detect linearized and save linearized; otherwise save normal
-wforms              : Extends "-w" and "-wauto" to linearize Acrobat Forms; 
                       default is not to linearize forms; requires "-w" or "-wauto"

-nomod               : Retain current file modification date
-nosign              : Ignore Digital Signatures; default is to incrementally save files with 
                       digital signatures.

Document Metadata

-title <string>      : Document title
-author <string>     : Author of the document
-subject <string>    : Subject of the document
-keyword <string>    : Keywords associated with the document ( separated by commas )
-addinfo             : Add the new information to any existing in the file.
-custom <string>     : Custom document information ( -custom "name,value"; name and value are separated 
                       by a comma; this option may be repeated. )

Document Open & Layout Options

-pageMode <string>   : Set the document's Page Mode 
                       ( DontCare | UseNone | UseThumbs | UseBookmarks | Fullscreen | UseOC | UseAttachments )

-layout <string>     : Set the document's layout  
                       ( single | oneColumn | twoColLeft | twoColRight | twoPageLeft | twoPageRight )

-openAction <string> : Set the document's Open Action 
                       ( FitPage | FitWidth | FitHeight | FitBoundingBox ) 

-openToPage <int>    : Open the document to the given page number.

-hideToolbar         : Hide the toolbar upon opening the document.
-hideMenubar         : Hide the menubar upon opening the document.
-hideWinUI           : Hide scrollbars and other controls upon opening the document.
-fitWin              : Resize the window to the initial page.
-centerWin           : Center the window on the screen.
-showTitle           : Display document title in windows title bar.

-LeftToRight         : Left to Right reading order used to determine relative position of pages for 
                       side by side display.
-RightToLeft         : Right to Left reading order; includes vertical writing systems like Chinese, 
                       Japanese, and Korean.


-openBookmarks       : Open all bookmarks.
-closeBookmarks      : Close all bookmarks.
-openLevel <int>     : Open all bookmarks up to and including this level.
-removeBookmarks     : Remove all bookmarks.

Annotations & Form Fields

-removeAnnots        : Remove all Annotations including notes, highlights, form fields, etc.
-removeFields        : Remove all form fields.

Watched Folders

-watch <string>      : Path to watched folder base directory
-watchin <string>    : Path to input watched folder; optional
-watchout <string>   : Path to output of watched folder; optional

-d <string>          : Owner password to open this document
-l <string>          : Write progress to the given log file name
-p                   : Write progress information to diagnostics
-html <string>       : Output results to HTML file.
-htmlurl <string>    : Specify path to server hosting HTML support files.
-v                   : Print version information
-r <string>          : pdfHarmony serial number
-h                   : Show help
-help                : Show help