New Features – pdfHarmony 2.0

-optimize – For document optimization, use -optimize. This flag will do the following

  1. Encode any non-encoded streams using Flate compression
  2. Remove ASCII85 filters from all streams
  3. Replace LZW encoded streams with Flate encoding
  4. Merge identical XObjects and images
  5. Optimize common sequences in page content
  6. Merge identical font descriptors and encodings
    This option will usually result in a smaller file size

-iso32000 – To create a document that is ISO 32000 complaint.  This flag set file for ISO 32000 compliance (PDF version 1.7).

comp – To use object level compression, use the -comp flag. This flag will apply object level compression, typically reducing the file size by 2%.

-nocomp – To not use object level compression, use the -nocomp flag.  This flag will not add object level compression and will remove object level compression, if found; resulting in a document that is compatible with all versions of Acrobat

PDF files support the use of multiple types of compression simultaneously.  Object level compression is a technique developed by Adobe to reduce the size of PDF files.  Object level compression is used in addition to the other compression mechanisms used within the PDF file. Object level compression will reduce the file size typically by 2%. NOTE: This mechanism is not always understood by older versions of Acrobat or third party PDF viewers or procession tools.

-rewritepage – Rewrite page contents to cleanup at the page content level.  This feature can be used to clean PDF files at the page level

-removerotation – Remove rotation from all pages. Landscape (11 x 8.5) pages in a PDF file are often portrait (8.5 x 11) pages rotated by 90 degrees.  This flag will remove the rotation, replacing the rotated page with a true landscape (11 x 8.5) page

-retaincreator – Retain the original document creator

-nomod – Retain the original document file modification date

Known Issues

  • Running digitally-signed files through pdfHarmony will modify the digital signature
  • Using -nosign on a digitally-signed file is not forcing a full save on the document
  • if -hideWinUI is on the command line, then pageMode is ignored
  • If you are running on a file that contains form fields and you want the output file to be linearized, you must have both -wforms -w on the command line.  Running with just -w does not linearize files with active form fields
  • Comma separated keyword lists are not supported.  To enter a list of keywords, use the semicolon (;) character as a separator
  • The -html reporting option cannot be used with watched folders

To Get Help

Documentation for pdfHarmony can be found at /pdfharmony/.

Contact technical support by:

emailing, or calling 610-284-4006

Please provide the following:

Product name and version number
Operating system
Your name, company name, email address, and phone number
Description of your question or problem

Responses are typically emailed within one business day.