Redax® is a family of products that enable you to completely and permanently delete (redact) sensitive information from PDF (Portable Document Format) files. Redax Enterprise Server operates on the server rather than on individual desktops, like the Redax Plug-in, and does not require Adobe® Acrobat® to perform a redaction.

How Redax Enterprise Server can be used

Redax has a wide range of uses:

  • Government agencies can redact PDF documents in accordance with the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) and the Privacy Act.
  • Pharmaceutical companies can redact PDF documents for submission of a preliminary NDA (New Drug Application) or IND (Investigational New Drug Application).
  • Manufacturing and technology companies can protect proprietary information when filing for patents.
  • Legal professionals can redact private information from public documents before submitting briefs to US courts or agencies that accept electronic filings.

What Redax Enterprise Server offers

Designed for use in high-volume settings, Redax Enterprise Server offers these advantages:

  • Redact specific text or entire pages on the server
  • NEW in version 3.0 — Adobe PDF Library-based WordFinder for enhanced text-finding
  • Mark for redaction by word or phrase list
  • NEW in version 3.0 — Mark for redaction by pattern
  • NEW in version 3.0 — Mark for redaction by regular expression
  • Redact documents by category
  • Improved control over appearance of redacted areas — Different colors and transparency levels can be assigned to the frame and interior of the final redacted areas in the document. A character can be assigned to replace redacted text, or the area can be left blank.
  • Separate preferences utility — RedaxESconfig, is supplied with Redax Enterprise Server, lets you easily define preferences in an XML file through a graphical user interface. Designating the file on the command line enables you to define all your preferences at once, instead of individually with separate options.
  • Easy system integration — Redax Enterprise Server can be easily integrated with existing enterprise workflows and document management systems.
  • Ability to process large quantities of data — Multiple documents can be marked for redaction, and then redacted, in batch mode.
  • Automated markup and redaction — The server-based command-line solution enables automation of markup and redaction through scripting.
  • User-friendly bulk processing capability — Server commands implemented through watch directories allow reviewers to process multiple documents from their client workstations by simply dragging and dropping files.
  • Workgroup features — Redax boxes can be color coded and associated with a reviewer’s name, enabling multiple reviewers to work on the same documents — encrypted documents can be redacted with an Owner password.
  • Exemption code support — Redax Enterprise Server supports predefined exemption codes associated with specific types of markup in accordance with the United States Freedom of Information Act, the Privacy Act, and the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act.
  • Acrobat and Redax plug-in integration — Redax Enterprise Server accepts markup from both Acrobat and Redax plug-in products. In addition, Redax boxes can be viewed in Acrobat and Acrobat® Reader™ without any Redax plug-ins installed.

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