Usage: redaxserver [options] <stamp file> <pdfdoc1> [ <pdfdoc2>...]

-pref <file>        : Read preferences from an XML file

Redaction Commands

-redact             : Redact document
-rmarkup            : Redact converted markup at conversion time
-redaxcat <string>  : Comma-separated list of categories to redact

Find and Place Redax Boxes

-fbracket           : Find bracketed text
-markpages <string> : Mark list of entire pages for redaction
-flist <file>       : Find using list file of exemptions and phrases
-fpattern <file>    : Find file of patterns names
-fregex <file>      : Find using list file of regular expressions
-exemptpat          : Use the matching pattern name as the exemption code
-annotmatch         : Use the matching document text name as the Redax box note
-ignorecase         : Ignore case during -flist or -fregex

Debugging Options

-ftext              : Find all text  areas
-fimage             : Find all image areas
-fpath              : Find all path  areas

Command List File Options

-cmds <file>        : Path to the file of commands -cmds only compatible with General Options

Remove Redax Boxes and Annotations - ALWAYS remove boxes and annotations before making a document public!

-rembox             : Remove redax boxes
-remall             : Remove all annotation

Create Summary File

-impfile <file>     : Import redax boxes from an XML file
-expfile <file>     : Export redax boxes to an XML file
-sumfile <file>     : Write redax summary report to file
-textfile <file>    : Write document text to file
-textindex <file>   : Write redax document text with location data to file
-textxml <file>     : Write redax document text to file in XML format

Convert Acrobat Markup into Redax Boxes

-cm                 : Convert all highlight, underscore and strikeout markups 
                      (not required for converting individual markup)
-ch                 : Convert highlight markups
-chc <string>       : Convert highlight markups using exemption code
-cs                 : Convert strikeout markups
-csc <string>       : Convert strikeout markups using exemption code
-cu                 : Convert underline markups
-cuc <string>       : Convert underline markups using exemption code
-cr                 : Convert rectangle markups
-crc <string>       : Convert rectangle markups using exemption code
-ca                 : Convert Acrobat redaction markups
-cac <string>       : Convert underline acrobat redaction using exemption code
-crem               : Remove converted markup boxes when using any convert option

Watched Folders

-watch <string>     : Watched folder base directory

Encryption Options

-encrypt            : Encrypt out file
-keylength <int>    : Key Length.  Valid options are 40 and 128.  Default is 128.
-ownerpass <string> : New Owner Password (Required)
-userpass <string>  : New User Password
-noprint            : Do Not Allow Printing
-nomodify           : Do Not Allow Modifying the Document
-nocopy             : Do Not Allow Copying text or graphics
-nonotes            : Do Not Allow Adding or changing notes or form fields
-nofill             : Do Not Allow Fill or Sign of Form Fields
-noaccess           : Do Not Allow Accessibility
-noassembly         : Do Not Allow Document Assembly
-nohighres          : Do Not Allow High Resolution Printing

General Command Line Options

-w                  : Linearize to support byte serving across the web.  Forces full save
-o <file>           : Save to a new output PDF file
-optimize           : Optimize the output file to try to reduce file size
-iso32000           : Set file for ISO 32000 compliance (PDF 1.7)

-subdirs            : Process pdf files in subdirectories of NAMED DIRECTORIES
-v                  : Version information
-help               : Help information
-h                  : Help information
-p                  : Write progress information to diagnostics
-n                  : Do not write information to screen
-l <file>           : Write progress info to a given file name
-d <string>         : Owner password to open this document
-r <string>         : Registration number