Stamping & Personalization

Add watermarks, disclaimers and digitized signatures, or document control data such as Bates numbers, time/date stamps, status or contact information.

StampPDF Batch

Personalize and watermark PDF documents.  Stamps text and images dynamically or in batch using over 30 variables.

AppendPDF Pro

Dynamically assemble complete PDF ‘books’ with customized content.

Forms Processing

PDF “Acroforms” offer the most capable, most flexible, best supported business forms technology available.


Populate, control field properties and flatten fields in PDF forms.

FDFMerge Lite

Fill and flatten PDF forms with the baby brother of FDFMerge.

Appligent PDF Forms API

Core library used to build FDFMerge and FDFMerge Lite now available for use in your own compiled applications.

Document Assembly

Tools for collating or splitting PDF files for real-time delivery to end users.


A streamlined solution for high-volume PDF appending and splitting.


Dedicated PDF splitting software with many options, including split by Bookmarks.    

Redaction, Security & Authenticity

High-performance document control tools for workflows requiring redactionencryption and digital signatures in PDF files

Redax Enterprise Server

Client-server redaction for enterprise-wide document-control


Encrypt, Digitally Sign and Verify Digital Signatures on PDF Documents.


Encrypt PDF documents with User and Owner passwords as well as set document permissions to control viewing, printing, copying, assembly and accessibility.

Document Management

These applications deliver a variety of server-based functions for analyzing and manipulating PDF files.


pdfHarmony can identify problem PDF files; PDF files which are corrupt or malformed or produce errors in page display. pdfHarmony can then; if possible, repair these malformed PDF files.


Extracts metadata and other information, including form field values, from PDF documents and pages.