StampPDF Batch has a special type of Stamp Item which can scale and transform the page.  This is typically used to reduce the size of the page and create white space at the top and right side of the page.  This is useful for stamping text along the top and/or right edge of the page and ensuring the stamped text is not obscuring any of the page content.

Type (PageTransform)

Page Transform parameters


Specifies that this is a PageTransform item type.

PageScale (93)

to specify scaling the page to 93 percent of its original size.

Note: PageTransform is only applied to the page once. So, if you Undo the stamp as part of a document workflow, the document can continue through the workflow without be scaled multiple times.


The figure below will scale all of the pages in the document to 93 percent of their original size.

# — Barcode Item — Comment
Begin_Message Begin Item
Name (Page Transform Test) This item is named Page Transform Test
Type (PageTransform) Specify this is a PageTransform item
PageScale (93) Scale Page to 93 percent of its original size
StartPage (1) First page to transform
EndPage (-1) Transform all pages in the document
End_Message End Item