StampPDF Batch® is a server-based command-line driven application that can stamp new text and/or images into PDF documents. Any text or image added by StampPDF Batch becomes a permanent part of the document. Refer to Introduction to the Command Line if you are not familiar with using command-line tools.

Stamps can be watermarks, page numbers, or headers and footers. With StampPDF Batch you can stamp “Confidential” on pages that include sensitive information, or “Draft” on a preliminary PDF document you distribute for review. Using variables, you can stamp PDF document names, revision numbers, or creation dates on PDF documents to help users quickly identify the documents. Law firms can apply Bates numbering across a document or entire set of documents.

StampPDF Batch provides the flexibility to customize the appearance and position of a stamp to comply with your organization’s corporate standards or to create a consistent look for PDF documents. You may specify any of the following features for a stamp:

  • Text attributes such as font, style, size, and RGB or CMYK color
  • Position — top, bottom, diagonal or vertical center
  • Justification — left, right, or center
  • Layer — on top of or underneath the original content of a page
  • Pages to stamp — stamp every page, every other page, every 5th, 10th, etc.
  • Page margins — position your stamp exactly where you want it
  • Bates numbering — specialized page numbering for legal documents

In addition, you can mark a stamp so that you can remove it later.

The following sections are helpful for using this guide.

User Guide Conventions

This User Guide uses certain styles of text to indicate different things throughout the documentation. The following is a description of these styles:

  • Command Line user input:
$stamppdfapp -r <Reg Number> -p -l <logfile.txt>
  • Code snippets:  begin_message
  • Paragraphs that start with Note: are special notes relating to the subject. It is recommended that you read all notes.
  • Paragraphs that start with ADVISORY: are recommendations or warnings.

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