StampPDF DE is a desktop application that enables you to quickly create stamps and apply them to PDF documents. It can be used as a stand-alone product or as part of a workflow in conjunction with Appligent’s StampPDF or StampPDF Batch.

These release notes contain last-minute product information and updates. Please refer to the following documentation for additional information:

You can find the Installation Guide on the installation CD and in the default installation directory. On-line Help is accessed from the Help menu of StampPDF DE.

StampPDF DE Version Changes

StampPDF DE 5.1.1

New Features

Built-in barcodes are now available.  To use the built-in barcode, choose “Code128” from underneath the Base14 fonts.  Code128, character set B, is the only barcode font currently supported.  StampPDF DE automatically calculates the check character and places the start, check, and stop characters in the appropriate place.

Open Mode and View Mode options are now available in the Page Options window. To access the Page Options window, click on the “Page Options” from the Stamp tab.  If the Open Mode or View Mode is not specified, the document retains its original setting.

The available options for View Mode are:

  • ActualSize
  • FitHeight, full page height fits into the document window
  • FitPage, full page fits into the document window
  • FitVisible, visible page area fits into the document window
  • FitWidth, full page width fits into the document window

The available options for Open Mode are:

  • ShowBookMarks, file bookmarks are displayed in the navigation pane
  • ShowThumbNails, page thumbnails are displayed in the navigation pane
  • ShowNone, the navigation pane is not displayed

Specify a PDF page number when stamping PDF image.  When you choose to stamp a PDF image, an option will appear that allows you to choose the PDF page.  The default page is 1.  If the page you set is not in the document, the last page will be used.

OffsetX and OffsetY parameters have been added for text and image stamping. These parameters allow you to move a stamp a specified distance from a default location, such as Top Center.  The X and Y Offsets can be positive or negative, and are measured from the top left corner of the stamp item.  They are located next to the Justification and Position parameters.

StampPDF DE output documents are now optimized.  Optimization will clean up a document and reduce file size in most instances.

Known Issues

800×600 resolution not supported.

If you are using CJK (Chinese/Japanese/Korean) fonts with StampPDF DE on Windows XP, you will need to set Regional & Language options to view CJK characters through StampPDF DE.  Open the Regional & Language Control panel and check “Install files for East Asian languages” on the Languages tab.

StampPDF DE 4.5

New Features

StampPDF DE 4.5 has the following new features.

  • Image Location Dialog Box — You can now view the image placement of a stamp on the first page of the first input document to be stamped. In earlier versions, a blank page was displayed.
  • Encryption Options — A new option is available to hide or show passwords when setting them.

Note: The same option is also available when entering passwords in the Advanced Options window.

Several new options have been added to the Advanced Options window.

  • Bates Number PDFs Consecutively — When Bates numbering multiple files, check this option to number PDF documents consecutively.

Note: The %C variable is no longer an option under “Codes” for consecutive Bates numbering.

  • Start Bates Numbering Using # — When Bates Number PDFs Consecutively is checked, another option appears for you to set the starting Bates number for the first document of the PDF files to be Bates stamped consecutively.
  • Rename Output File — This section lets you set various options for output file names, as well as page and document numbering. When stamping a collection of many files you can define how output file names are formatted and assembled. Logical progressive output names for multiple files can be created using a prefix, document number or starting/ending page numbers. An example of the options you have chosen will display at the bottom of the section. This display is interactive and will change as you choose options.

Known Issues

  • Acrobat viewing

Most stamped files can be viewed in Acrobat 4.0 or above. However, different versions of Acrobat support different viewing features. Files with transparent stamps can only be viewed in Acrobat 5.0 or above. Files created with newer features in a later version of Acrobat, such as compressed objects in Acrobat 6, require that version of Acrobat or above.

  • Active content warning when attempting to access on-line help

When you attempt to access online help from a computer on which Windows XP Service Pack 2 is installed, you may get an active content warning and be blocked from viewing the content.

Follow these steps to remove the block:

  1. In Internet Explorer, select Tools > Internet Options > Advanced.
  2. Scroll to the Security section.
  3. Check the box labeled Allow active content to run in files on My Computer.
  4. Click OK.
  • Angle stamping

If you set a stamp item to an angle position (Position=Angle), you cannot change the angle by simply selecting the Angle option again. To change the angle, you must first select any other Position option (Top, Bottom, Diagonal from Top Left, Diagonal from Bottom Left, Vertical Center). Then select the Angle option, and you will be able to change the angle.

  • Images in Windows

Sometimes there are problems viewing images on Windows operating systems. Loading QuickTime sometimes helps.

  • PDF stamping on rotated pages

PDF images do not stamp correctly on rotated pages. Convert PDF images to JPEG format for stamping on rotated pages.

To Get Help

Documentation for StampPDF DE can be found at the Appligent documentation website.

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on the support section of the Appligent website, please contact technical support by:

emailing, or calling 610-284-4006

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