The standard base 14 fonts used in Adobe Acrobat are always available for creating stamps. StampPDF DE also supports Adobe Postscript Type 1 fonts and standard Asian-language CJK fonts, but you must add them to the Font list before you can use them.

Adding PostScript Type 1 Fonts

If you want to create stamps with fonts other than the standard base 14 fonts, you can use Adobe PostScript Type 1 fonts. They are available for purchase from the Adobe website or Linotype’s website. Once you purchase and install the fonts, you must add them to the StampPDF DE Font list before you can use them to create stamps.

To Add PostScript Type 1 Fonts:

  1. Select Options > Add Font Folder.

    The Select a Folder dialog box is displayed.

  2. Select the folder that contains the PostScript Type 1 fonts you want to add, and then click OK.

    Note: PostScript Type 1 fonts have a .pfb file extension.

    The PostScript fonts are added to the Font list on the Stamp tab. All other fonts in the selected Fonts folder are ignored.

Adding Asian-Language Fonts

StampPDF DE supports the following standard CJK fonts (Chinese, Japanese, and Korean):

  • HeiseiKakuGo-W5 (i.e., Heisei Kakugo)
  • HeiseiMin-W3 (i.e., Heisei Mincho)
  • HYGoThic-Medium
  • HYSMyeongJo-Medium
  • MHei-Medium
  • MSung-Light
  • STSong-Light

Before you can use CJK fonts for stamping, they must be installed and set up for entry and display on your operating system and in Acrobat. Then you must add the fonts to StampPDF DE and enable their usage.

To install and set up Asian-language fonts on your operating system

The fonts are typically installed automatically on Windows.  However, a custom installation may be required. If the fonts are installed on your Windows system, you will find them in the fonts list in Control Panel > Regional and Language Options. If you do not find them, you may need your original installation disk to install them. In addition, regardless of your operating system, some additional setup may be required. See the documentation supplied with your operating system for installation and setup instructions.

To Install and set up Asian-language fonts in Acrobat

You will need to do a custom installation of Acrobat and choose to install Asian font support. Refer to the Acrobat documentation for more information.

Note: In order to use Acrobat Reader to view and print Asian text, you must install the Asian Font Pack from Adobe.

To add and enable usage of Asian-language fonts in StampPDF DE

  1. Select the Options menu.

  2. If Use CJK Fonts is not checked, select it. Use CJK Fonts is checked and the CJK fonts are added to the Font list on the Stamp tab.

  3. Select the Options menu again.

  4. If Use UTF8 Encoding is not checked, select it. Use UTF8 Encoding is checked and CJK font usage is enabled.

    Note: Both “Use CJK Fonts” and “Use UTF8 Encoding” must be checked in order to create Asian-language stamps with StampPDF DE. If you subsequently switch from Asian-language fonts to standard or PostScript Type 1 fonts, select both Use CJK Fonts and Use UTF8 Encoding again to clear the check marks.

    Note:  The built in variables are not supported when stamping with CJK Fonts.  The variable drop down list will not be appear if a CJK Font is selected.