What flexibility does the Table of Contents option offer?

The Table of Contents page has many features. Among them are:

  • The user is able to specify how information is printed on the page: in what font, size, position and color.
  • Entries in the Tables of Contents support line-wrapping.
  • All text entered by AppendPDF Pro on the Table of Contents page is hyperlinked to the respective pages in the new PDF document.
  • Entries in the Table of Contents can use leaders between the entry text and the page number for that entry.
  • If the Table of Contents needs to run on to a second (or third, etc.) page, a copy will be made of the first page to accommodate the additional listings.
  • AppendPDF Pro applies its own bookmark for Table of Contents pages.
  • The TOC block in the parameter file also supports a stamp file, enabling stamps such as page numbers, headers, etc. to be placed anywhere on the TOC page.